Artists in Residence 2022

Studio das weisse Haus & Notgalerie

Simona Pavoni

installation art 


Simona Pavoni lives and works in Milan. Her artistic practice centres round the concept of corporeality on an architectural, as well as a biological, spiritual and magical level. She graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Urbino and has a Master in sculpture from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Trained as a painter and then as a sculptor, she approached also video and performance. She exhibited in Seoul, London, Ireland and Italy.



Willem de Haan

photography and installation art 


De Haans work challenges and undermines the social, political and mental rules of common locations and situations by adding artificial elements in a convincing yet unsubtle way. These suggestive sculptural interventions exert direct influence on daily situations, similar to how props influence fictional scenarios in film and theatre. He graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts at ArtEZ– Institute of the Arts in 2017. 



Notgalerie Europe / Corridor Network

Anni Laakso

sculpture and installation art 


Anni Laakso is interested in space: the production and perception of it. In her artistic work she have occupied spaces, by a transitory space, which the artist has built using found materials, found in my neighbourghood, and given to the local citizens.


Most of Laaksos work are temporary walk- in installations, which the visitor can enter.
She works with hands with simple tools. Works can be seen both as sculptures and a
creation of usable social spaces.




Matthias Neumann

architecture and installation art 

Greece, Germany

Over the past 7 years Neumann has been engaged with an ongoing series of temporary public sculptures under the title “Basics”, exploring an abstracted notion of form, space and utility in public sculpture.
For a continuation of his sculptural attitude in regards to material, space and local specifics, the artist will realize an installation at Notgalerie Seestadt using material and constructive
choices that are closely related to the everyday of the local material construction reality.



Notgalerie Ukraine

Liliya Petrova

graphic design and ceramic art.

Kharkiv, Ukraine


From the age of fifteen Liliya has been consciously engaged in creative work, studying the language of art. Her main interests are: drawing, book graphics. She works in various graphic techniques, in graphic editors (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign). The artist is interested in the connection between verbal and visual, their interaction in the visual field. Also, in the recent years, Liliya studied and practiced pottery, created ceramics. In ceramics, she is interested in the connection between sculpture, drawing, applied arts, as well as human interaction with natural materials. 



Nataliia Holub


Kyiv, Ukraine

Holubs body of work represents interests in inner mythology, landscapes of memory (both personal and collective), dreams, ritual thinking and brings to light the importance of the sacred and spiritual, myth and memory. She works with a range of media - painting, drawing, printing, photography, and video art. I also make artist books, masks (textile, wooden masks, papier-mache), collages, watercolors, pen and ink drawings.
Her interests also extend to volunteer activities. Holub has been a volunteer in Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital where she worked with people with mental diseases. 




Maria Budnikova

musician, painting and installation art

Kyiv, Ukraine

Maria Budnikova works as a freelance artist and a designer. She graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Also, she attended and graduated from Institutions such as: Harvard University, Temple University, Kiev Institute of Humanities, National Academy of Art and Architecture, Anhalt University of Applied Science. The media Budnikova uses in herwork varies from painting and printmaking to computer design and installation work.